How To Send A Fax

==If you are just hear to learn how you can send a quick fax online and don't really care about reading 1,000 words on how to send a fax, check out Fax Online to send a secure fax in under 5 minutes for a $5.00 flat fee.==

There are many ways how to send a fax - you can buy a fax machine, use an online service, or visit a local UPS store. How you send a fax is based on your needs. Here are a few questions to ask yourself so we can find the best method for you.

Do you have a fax machine? I'm sorry we're not going to be a lot of help. Maybe checkout how to use a fax machine? 📠📠📠

Do you need to send a lot of faxes? That sucks, but we'd suggest just biting the bullet and signing up for efax. It's $20/mo and you can send and receive faxes. So hawt. If you need HIPAA compliance you better get out your no limit credit card.

Do you need to send a fax every once and awhile? Still sucks but you probably don't need to be shilling out $240/yr for a fax subscription. If you fall into the "my bank makes me" or "refinancing my mortgage" buckets you probably just need to send a quick and easy fax online every once in awhile. 👇👇👇

Send a One Time Fax Online

If you want to learn how to send a fax online, there are several

Or just get in touch

If you just need someone to help you understand how to send a fax get in touch and we'd be happy to guide you.